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  • this is legit how i imagine teen top reacting to cap’s role in wheesung’s mv

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  • Meet Dame Julie Andrews

    (inspired by x)

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  • Leo playing around with Ken 

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  • infinitelyours8:

     ♫ EXO-L singing along to Best Luck with Jongdae  
    (feat. Jongdae stopping just before 'noreul saranghae/i love you'
    so he could hear the

    [Audio CR: 六咕咕咕咕咕咕 @ Weibo]

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  • ♥♥

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  • even your boyfriend can turn his back on you when you’re too embarrassing to handle

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  • A song by Mark Tuan

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  • jacksonofabitchh:

    we all are Yugyeom.. . tbh

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  • Shit Mark Tuan says 

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  • 10/ markjin’s moments | markjin’s daily routines…